Live Games In MEGA888.ID

Live Games mode is one of the best setting performance in configuring and distributing real online casino with live servicing (opening games, cards giving, game hoster, and other services). Playing Live Games is the most recommended experience trying among those games. Getting Live interaction with live dealers in screen, they are smiling long time and very reliable efficiency in their jobs. They also have their own time shift during on duty or rest time. It’s not uncommon that will be having same dealer to host the game.


Online Roulette is very usual and common in casino gambling field. Many old existing players are involving them into this game, as it’s very easily handling and very great in RP (Return Pay). If players bet on single any 36 numbers and get it by the round, it will pay the 36 times multipliers of your bet amount. It’s seriously high payback and have other 2 times, 3 times, 6 times, and 12 times according your placing bet. High talented and strategic players are the most epicism, maximize their winning rate and trying deduction on any unexpected risk. The most important is a player’s passion and gaming functional knowledge. Passion generates multiple winnings, well knowledge reduces any risk taking in game. 


Live Baccarat

Online Baccarat is the most worth gameplay and totally fixed method and more safety than Online Roulette. For normal common Baccarat, mostly it has three section side for players to choose putting players’ bet (Player, Banker & Tie). Banker and Player side has set 1 per 1 pay rate (some are Banker side is 0.89 pay rate fixed), and Tie side has a 1 per 3 higher pay rate as the condition is suspicious and very rare condition (mostly possibility game met a Tie match among every 30 games). The game will be compared whom is higher cards number by totaling both cards (three cards are involved in which any side hasn’t getting total numbers, not higher than 4.) 8 & 9 is the “King” in the game as it’s the highest in the Baccarat. With honest, they are highest winning rate and seldom get a tie match if 8v8 or 9v9.


Online Sic-Bo is a guessing dice gameplay which has standing tight in Macau market, especially most players are Chinese region citizens. Sic-Bo became such popular in casino as it’s has different method to place players’ bet and also following needed complicated strategies to get more bonuses in game. 2X, 3X, 4X,…… multiples selection of multipliers rewards. The payable rates will be faced on the table to guide any new players and easily recognize more about a rolling dices betting games. Online traditional rolling dices games are giving 60 seconds for players placing their bet, and 60 seconds for disclosing the game results. 

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