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How to install MEGA888 in your Iphone device:

Step 1: Search us on Google:

Step 2: Next, select the suitable version regarding with your system on your device (Android or IOS).

Step 3: If you’re IOS device users, users who use Iphone 5s and its below specifications choose 32-Bit, meanwhile Iphone 6 or above may choose 64-Bit. 


Step 4: After click in, the progression will be started immediately in your device. Wait for installation till be done.



Step 5: This is really happening when you have clicking into it after installation has done. Click “Cancel”.



Step 6: Go to your homepage “Setting”.




Step 7: Find this “General”.




Step 8: Go forward >>> “Device Management”.



Step 9: Choose Epson (China) Co.,Ltd.


Step 10: Trust the enterprise in instruction below.



Step 11: Select “Trust” again for confirm.


Step 12: State the MEGA888 is now verified in your device.



Enjoy the game!!!



🎁Where do I go contact your customer service?

The contacts can be seem and detected at bottom of MEGA888.ID webpage. Telegram, Wechat, FB and online customer service are the options for you. Any question can be asked. At your right hand side have a chat box for instantly communicate with online customer service, any problem may be asking to us.


🎨What is the biggest objectives and wishes companions along the way of MEGA888 routine?

MEGA888 is glad to have such positive supportive players which have been through few years of users’ experience by using MEGA888 as their online betting tool. MEGA888 wants to thank all players’ welcoming and play inside mini games, you always be our companions. No friend or girl friend to talk? Find us MEGA888, make you smile since you touch into it. Make sure all the registration steps are been touched up, and you may safely start the game.

Main objectives are: 1) be the most competitive online casino games, 2) be more fun and dynamic feature in next generation, 3) be the most top influence in Southeast Asia and Europe countries. 3) trusted platform and verified by other desirable companion platform.


🧧What mini games are very recommended by anyone?

#1 Captain Treasure👨‍🌾

#2 Fish shooting🐬

#3 Aztec Slot🛕

#4 Bonus Bears🌞

#5 Aladdin Slot🕌


🎭How to download and install MEGA888?

Click link here to download MEGA888. More info to website to check it out. 

Android users’ service:

>>Download the apk file

>> Make sure to on welcoming unknown sources

>> Install the application into your device

>> If you’re first user, talk to customer service for registering a new account for wallet purpose

>> You may start the game.


IOS users’ service:

>>Click the button for downloading file

>> Click “Install” to continue

>> Make sure you’re following the steps given at our download page

>> Open “trust” for this downloading server

>> Make sure you have an account

>>> Start the game.


🚖How to withdraw the win credits from the wallet?

Withdrawal request may be created by anytime with our customer service, will lend you a hand to proceed. The minimum of withdrawal is MYR 50. Suggest before do any withdrawal, reconfirm with customer service about the steps and account. If you want to deposit more credits, the minimum is MYR 30. 

>> Steps on withdraw money from your wallet?

  1. Check balance whether the balance is sufficient to do withdrawal.
  2. Talk to customer service that you want to request the action.
  3. Give your name and your bank info to the customer service and make sure the info(s) is correct.
  4. Wait for it. It will be taking 3 to 7 days working days to credit into your account.