Catch fish becomes a hobby or interest for anyone who are willing to find their suitable activities. The minimum bet is 0.1 credit, big bet up to 10 credits per shot per game. This is an upgraded version of normal fishing game, it has rocket launcher and water bomb in this game. There has up to 50 of weapons are available for players to choose for catching activity.

Free weapon chosen.

Multiple kind school of fish and rare sea creature exp: sharks robot, whale and octopus etc.

Great quality and effect animation, discover the new life sea marine creatures on sea bed.

Rewards up to 100,000 credits can be earned.

The more you catch, the greater the rewards you may get. Simple and easily playable. Also fast and less storage usage needed. Share your friends the way improve online fishing skills and tactics which are basically required to get win in game. Ask them, fishing also can be your current money earning activity in your life. They together joining the game, together planning strategies to win the game. Nevertheless, try to catch some higher and bigger attractive pay rewards by huntering big sea creature, the rewards generated are super amazing and satisfying. Bonuses are accumulating based on your catching success rate and arriving golden bonus time.

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