Battle world is a game field which had placing its own ranking at the top among arcade mode casino games. This game is also called “WuKong” slot, as the main game character in this game is “Sun Wu Kong” or Monkey King. Its battling combat power reached the highest and may fight against its strongest enemies, “Nezha” and other gods who live in heaven. “Devil Ox”, “Dragon”, and Nezha’s friends are joining arcade game too.

Fast and easily managed.

Unlimited game rolling.

Cute West Journey characters’ animations and sounds effect.

Multiple characters (Sun Wukong, Hong Haier, Niu Mowang and Shejing) involved.

Decrease boringness as it’s different with other slot game.

Full 100% return, no fee charged.

Each character has representing three way colors (Green, red and yellow). Any player needs to place their ideal bet on table before the game starts spinning. Players are free to place their bet as much as they could, yet the requirement is to place at least one minimum bet in table. There will be different winning every per round, it is not unfrequently and unaccordingly. Monster will appear when two reels trigger the similar monster, it will fight against WuKong fighter. Either Wu Kong win or loss, the reward will be also given to you. If the Wukong loss the battle, you will get less paid from the game.

The in-game Battle World game has dual game modes which are “Single Player” and “Multiplayer”. “Single Player” mode is when you can play alone, and “Multiplayer” mode opens all players to join in a round table game. “Multiplayer‘ mode is a fun fact to online players who love joining and interacting with other players. The less part in this game is it hasn’t a free Bonus round which has chance increasing multipliers rewards, and also win the Grand Jackpot prizes. So, the lack part will bigger reducing the players’ exciting and willing to get into this game. But, the small attractive rewards are might more amount than the other slot and table games.

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